Power Resist System

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The Power Resist System is the training tool that helps tennis and padel players develop a faster first step to the ball, to become more explosive. The form of training is called overspeed training.

The system is specifically designed to allow athletes to freely change direction. You can train with a partner who holds the band and regulates the resistance, or you can attach the Power Resist System to a fence so you can also train when you are alone.

Exercises can be performed:

  • with your partner positioned in front of you, as you practice getting up behind the ball quickly,
  • with your partner positioned behind you and/or attached to the fence behind you, when you are practising coming up quickly to meet the ball,
  • or with your partner beside you and/or attached to the fence next to you, when you want to practise quick movements sideways.

Choose between 2 resistance levels; intermediate and advance. The unstretched length of the belt is 2,74 meters. Each system includes a fully adjustable belt.
NOTE: To protect vital organs, wear the belt around the lower waist/on the hips and not high on the waist.
Recommended age 10+

WARNING: Be sure to follow safety precautions during use and use only as exercise equipment and for no other purpose.
Inspect straps and attachments for cracks, tears and other signs of damage before each use. DO NOT USE IF DAMAGE IS PRESENT.
DO NOT stretch the hose more than 2 times its unstretched length. Excessive stretching may exceed the elastic limit of the hose and cause it to snap or tear.
NEVER release the strap when it is taut.
Make sure the partner holding the strap and the player practice using this product in slow motion so that everyone is balanced to avoid risk of injury.
House of Bontin assumes no responsibility for accidents or injuries that may occur during use of this product.

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