Donnay Pro One 97 HEXA - competition racket for advanced players

Donnay Pro One 97 HEXA - competition racket for advanced players

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The Donnay Pro One 97 is a competition racket and therefore best suited for advanced players.

The Donnay Pro One 97 is a classic racket that dates back to the 1990s. In terms of play and appearance, the Pro One 97 is very similar to the Wilson Prostaff 97. The main difference lies inside the frame itself, where the Pro One 97 is based on Hexacore technology, which means that the frame is filled with six layers of vibration-damping material. The Pro One Hexa is developed/designed with the goal of achieving the highest level of playing feel and stability for a racket. Hexacore racquets are the result of Donnay's dedicated efforts to develop the ultimate tennis racquet where arm security and comfort go hand in hand with power, stability and control.

With the Donnay Pro One 97 Hexa, Xenecore Tennis goes the opposite way of most racquet manufacturers with a softer racquet. The flex (ra) on this racket is 57 which means it is much less stressful on the arm to play with. The standard for rackets in this genre is a flex of +/- 70. The disadvantage of a softer racket is typically less power, but due to the Pro One Hexa construction with a filled core, this racket still provides adequate power.

Head size: 97 inches²
Unstrung weight: 305 g
Unstrung balance: 315 mm
String pattern: 16x19
Frame profile: 21/21 / 21mm [1]
Length: 68.6 cm
Technology: HexaCore XēneCore ™

Sold in Grip 2 and Grip 3

Supplied unstrung. You can choose stringing and strings as an option. Write in the message box at checkout how many kg you want or ask us for advice in the chat or via

"The Donnay Pro One 97 Hexacore is something as rare as a new racquet with a stiffness rating below 60. It offers great control and touch, but requires you to be a skilled player to utilize it to its fullest potential. My Norwegian friend and hitting partner, Karl, who occasionally plays on the ITF tour loves this stick, but he has the kind of game for it.
Anyone who values a little free power should probably look elsewhere, but players with arm-issues who like to caress the ball into the corners for a winner will love the feel of this racquet. It really is an old-school frame released into a market where power and spin are the biggest selling points. A daring move by Donnay that I applaud. I hope more people will venture into the flexible racquet territory. It might not be as alluring as power and spin, but it sure helps to develop solid technique and feel and will save your arm from injuries down the line."

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